How to overcome the fear of failure

1) Realize that failure is part of the process and is a learning opportunity. Real failure is refusing to learn from your mistakes or avoiding taking chances for the ‘imaginary’ fear itself.

2) Even better than learning from your own mistakes, is learning from the mistakes of others. Listen to other Entrepreneurs, read their biographies, and find out what missteps they made so you will not do the same.

3) Know your business inside out. Doing as much research and preparation as you can helps limit the number of ways you can fail and gives you greater confidence that your will succeed.

4) Surround yourself with a supportive group. Do not have allow any team members to treat failure with shame or ridicule.

5) Take a step back and question your fears. Don’t bottle them up and even speak with someone close to you who can offer support, guidance, or simply listen. Ask how you can improve your mindset toward the fear of failure and how to react and address failure if/when it occurs.

6) Shift your Focus on what is within your control. At times, success is based on chance.

7) Do not be afraid to ask for help from others more skilled or knowledgeable on a part of your business. Successful people know their weaknesses as much as their strengths and are able to assemble teams that complement different abilities.

Best of luck!


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Hello, I'm Michael and I teach an online sales course called Spark Sell ( My goal is to help people achieve their ambitions. This blog is a great opportunity to share Sales and Marketing tidbits that I've found extremely valuable.

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