The Sales Road Ahead

A challenging road makes a better driver. Keep your foot on the Sales peddle and don’t give up at the first few roadbends. Go at your pace, reverse if you hit any dead-ends, and don’t be afraid to drive new routes. The more people that you can overcome saying “No” to you, the stronger a salesperson you will become. Soon, you’ll be cruising to sound of “Yes, Yes, YES!” 🚘

Hope everyone’s having a terrific day!

Thanks for reading & Warm regards,

Michael (Be sure to join the email waitlist to find out when lessons open)

Published by sparksellnow

Hello, I'm Michael and I teach an online sales course called Spark Sell ( My goal is to help people achieve their ambitions. This blog is a great opportunity to share Sales and Marketing tidbits that I've found extremely valuable.

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