One of the Biggest Mistakes in Sales

The greatest mistake of many in Sales is trying to sell to everyone. By Selling to such a broad audience, the brand or product identity is significantly weakened. Further, Sellers waste time and effort when they could be making inroads and sales with those that are actually convertible into customers. Focus in and find your niche audience. The other advantage of doing so is that a member in your niche is more likely to share your product or service with their friends or followers in their community. Rather than try to understand many groups, simplify your research and pinpoint the group that your area or category of product most attracts. There are many ways to achieve this, but one strategy is to look to your competitors and their followers. Knowing your customer, their motivations, and their needs, will help you craft a stronger script and a better quality brand.

Happy Selling,


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Hello, I'm Michael and I teach an online sales course called Spark Sell ( My goal is to help people achieve their ambitions. This blog is a great opportunity to share Sales and Marketing tidbits that I've found extremely valuable.

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