How to increase sales on your E-commerce website

Make your online store unique and particularly suited for your specific audience. This will help your site stand out from the many competitors in your industry. The most effective sites have simple visuals and navigation, especially leading visitor to quickly and easily checkout. Here as other factors that boost site sales: 

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Effective SEO ranks sites higher for organic Google searches. Focus on writing site content that is rich in keywords specific to your area. To continue good SEO practice, include fresh tailored content in a site Blog.  More Internal & External links to your site’s URL also improves SEO, as this both leads traffic to your webpage and creates algorithmic mapping.

2) Site Speed & Compatibility – Visitors are impatient and often exit your site for 5 second waits (i.e. Bounce rates). Ensure loading speed is fast without crashes. Too large photos, fancy flash animations, clunky coding, are all culprits of slowing site loads. Further, check the site is compatible across different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) as well as devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). Speed & Compatibility also influence SEO google rankings.

3) Email Newsletter – Allow visitors to subscribe to a Newsletter. This increases conversions from staying in touch via updates, contests, & specials. It is also a great idea to link this newsletter to your blog articles, so subscribers have fresh content. Mailchimp is a good provider. Whether by newsletter or social media, advertising an ‘ending soon’ sale increases sales through urgency. 

4) Social Media Links – Include icon links to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages on your site. Allow visitors to follow and also share with others. This drives site traffic, engagement, and credibility that helps people feel comfortable when buying from your site.

5) Testimonials – Include reviews from those that have bought your product or service. Repost any social media followers that have shared what you sell on their page. 

6) Abandoned Cart Emails – Identify those that have left their checkout cart empty and send an email asking if they have any questions or concerns that stopped them from purchasing.

7) Essential Site Sections – Aside from your product page, an About Page gives your site an identity and trust, Frequently Asked Questions clears up uncertainty, a Contact Us form lets visitors reach out to you and builds trust that you are a legitimate business, and a Policy Page states any refunds or other agreements visitors may want to know before buying.  

8) Additional Apps – Research any apps that may be valuable. For instance, a Pop-Up that to collect Newsletter sign-ups or a  Live chat to answer visitor questions in real time. 

9) Enable different Payment gateways – Different customers prefer different ways of making payment. PayPal, Apple Pay, Standard Visa/Mastercard, make checkout easier for all different types – regardless of their preference. 

10) Shipping – For physical products, know how to price your Shipping. Don’t let high shipping rates discourage customers as it is better to bake into the product price or otherwise require cheaper (even Free Shipping) if the customer orders over a certain amount. Allowing parcels to be tracked gives peace of mind to both you and your customer. 

11) Run a UI & UX Test – After making these changes, never assume your site is perfect. Letting others test drive your site via a User Interface and User Experience check provides invaluable feedback and insights to improve your site’s performance and conversion rates. 

After taking the above steps, clients we’ve worked with on have seen a drastic improvement in their sales and customer retention. 

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