What is the easiest “Trick” to Selling?

One of the biggest mistakes people have when thinking about Sales is assuming it is not for them. Sales, and its lover Marketing, are often thought of as the other – a foreign field or profession. The word Salesperson has a tendency to conjure images of smooth tongued snake oil salesman, untrustworthy car dealerships, and desperate Willy Loman-esque selling items of little need and hence demand. The classic show The Simpson even parodies this latter type with Gil Gunderson and his catchphrase plea of “Give Old Gil a chance!”.

Yet this perception could not be further from the truth. Everyone inevitable uses Sales and Marketing in their everyday life. Whether selling a product, a service, or ourselves, branding is important to that stamp of success. Moreover, those that engage in underhanded ‘duping’ of customers or clients ultimately fail. Top level Salespeople making millions each year in Sales have mastered the art and science of understanding who they are selling to, showing them value, and exceeding that clients needs and expectations.

The trick most experts use is really no trick at all – it is keeping their mouth’s shut and their ears open. Listening and listening attentively to what the client/customer wants and needs allows them to tailor their responses, quicken the Sale, and often quadruple that sales value. A happy customer is one that returns again and again, and so this Salesperson enjoys lifetime loyalty and gains by helping others in this way.

I am a firm believer that what eventually wins is quality. Of course, there are all tactics to attract customers or increase traffic to your (online) store, but no one will stay and your following will dwindle if the content of what you sell lacks quality. Quality is achieved through your passion and your honesty. Passion shows you care about what you sell and that you want others to share your enthusiasm. And so it follows that you don’t cut corners or sell the client anything you wouldn’t be happy with yourself. From passion naturally comes knowledge and skill. Michelin star Chefs consistently have passion in what they cook, they care how it tastes, and they want to share their knowledge and skills of their dish with others.

Whether you are beginning or currently on your Sales journey, think of how to make each ingredient that goes into the dish you serve of the highest quality.

Thanks for reading and happy selling!



Published by sparksellnow

Hello, I'm Michael and I teach an online sales course called Spark Sell (www.sparksell.com). My goal is to help people achieve their ambitions. This blog is a great opportunity to share Sales and Marketing tidbits that I've found extremely valuable.

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